Ad Tip: 10 Mindset Shifts - Scaling Ad Spend To $10k/day

Scaling from $1k/day to $10k/day

What does it take to scale to $10k/day in ad spend?

It starts with mindset.

This a mindset training on how to scale to $10k/day including the 10 mindset shifts to get there faster.

Today, this is available to you, for free!

Course Curriculum

  10 Mindset Shifts
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Nehal Kazim
Nehal Kazim

Nehal is the founder for Ad Pros. Ad Pros is a Facebook ads agency scaling growth stage companies to $300,000+/mo in spend. Ad Pros is designed to equip entrepreneurs, marketing teams and media buyers with the tools, education and resources to scale paid advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Ad Tip for free?
Yes, it's completely free. Create an account and get instant access to the ad tip! You will also see access to other courses and trainings available by Ad Pros
Is this available on demand?
You will get instant access and have ability to review the series of tools, videos, standard operating processes (SOPs), etc available on this platform.
What is Ad Pros?
Ad Pros is an education platform and agency for growth stage companies, primarily in the ecommerce space. We have designed ad tips, fast track courses, in depth trainings, assessments, consulting and coaching to hit your next milestone faster.

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